September 28, 2009

Dearest We Are Heroes,

Dearest We Are Heroes,


You Ladies KILLED it the WHOLE season.
I must admit, I slept on you all in the beginning
but as the season went on I fell in love with you & your passion.
Last Year, I was so mad at ABDC's Season 3 voters b/c I felt like "Beat Freakz" was the BEST...remember this performance?

But, I'm happy again since you diverse group of ladies took that golden trophey home and are now labeled as America's Best Dance Crew.
One of my favorite performances this season was the "Stanky Leg" performance.

I have to say, for the record, that was/will be the only time I like anything that has to do w/ the Stanky Leg.

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Tresey B. =D said...

I never really got into this season like that b|c a lot of ppl said that they were disappointed w|it. 1st season was my shxt though..maybe I'll catch the reruns of this season when mtv airs the marathons.