September 08, 2009

Dearest Trey Songz,

Dearest Trey Songz,

This has to be an uncomfortable embarrassment... least to me it would be.
But 1st, I want to thank you for demonstrating how to
"filet mignon that pussy", I never really understood what Wayne meant by that line.

[check out DJ Clue in the bkgd. HA!]

I'm a visual learner [& sometimes Im a little slow], so that helped a little. ;)
The incident that made me giggle was your mom's reaction to this.
She went from smiling and being proud of her son...

"OMG I can't believe he just 'rolled his tongue'".

[Shout out for the video. FF to 1:12. HA!]

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Tresey B. =D said...

Lmao..."open up her legs to filet mignon that [[bleep]]" lol...I actually nva knw what Wayne meant either by that. Hahaha!