September 21, 2009

Dearest Affion Crockett,

Dearest Affion Crockett,

You are HELLA funny to me...

I have been laughing at you ever since you appeared on
Wildin' Out a while back.
The people you choose to hit em dead on.
Its crazy. Reminds me of whats his name...?!
um..., its on the tip of my tongue...
dude who does impressions from Mad TV...Aries Spears.

I love your spoofs though. I remember the 1st one I saw, "Mr. Carter"...

I LOVED IT! That's exactly how I view "Weezy F. Baby" too. LoL.
Anyways, a few minutes ago, I ran across the "Run this Town" spoof & couldnt stop laughing.

"I wanna be where you arrrreeee"....HAHAHAHAHAH!
LMAO! I could of DIED when you did Kanye. [Check 2:42]. LMAO!!

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Tresey B. =D said...

loLLLL!! Affion is so funny! He does impersonations so well! I miss the Wild'N Out crew!