September 27, 2009

Dearest Lil Wayne,

Dearest Lil Wayne,

AkA Weezy F. Please Say the Baby...


Once upon a time, I was a HUGE fan of your music.
But once you started speaking Martian, everything started to sound
the same & possess no substance.
Besides the "BlingBling" & "Drop it Like it's Hot" joints.
I never really paid any attention to you until I heard...


They quickly became two of my most favorite joints off The Carter.

After that, Carter II dropped...In my book. CLASSIC.
I brought that CD 2x b/c I played the 1st one OUT!
[That's the CD that should have went platinum in one week.]
From the Intro to "Money on my Mind", "Best Rapper Alive", "Hustler Music" & many more...the CD went HARD

I must say...after all the mixtapes & features, I kinda couldnt keep up.
But, despite all that, millions of people love you.
Speaking of which, while driving to work today...
I heard you on a remix one of my favorite joints right now,
[caution: this is not a hip hop track.
This song makes you feel good/sway side to side]

Shout out to Derick G. for the exclusive birthday pics.

Weezy w/ the Million Dollar watch. Gift from Baby.

Diamonds on the Cake.

& Baby w/ Weezy's Bday Tatt'd on his arm [sigh]

PS: FAVORITE LiL Wayne quote,
"I don't care if its Heroine in my cup. Its MY CUP. Fu*k you."


Tresey B. =D said...

Lmao @ "once you started speaking Martian"...but yupp, Tha Carter 1|2 do slap! I mean all 3 of em do (to me of course) & yeah, #2 should've hit a milli first week. Man, I LOOOVEE me some Wayne, loL. Happy Cakeday & may your day be filled w|joy! Live it up! =D

Tresey B. =D said...

Lmao, they did do a bit much w|the tats but hey...thats Wayne|Birdman for ya. That cake is BOSS though! Wish I could have diamonds on my cake. I like your pik of the cake better b|c you cant really see the diamonds on the one in my phone..I wish I had a detailed pik of that watch Million dollar watch? Doesn't get any sweeter than that!