September 04, 2009

Dearest Beyonce,

Dearest Beyonce,


This is just a love note celebrating one of my Favorite Bitches Birthday.
You are doing your thing, homegirl & I am so proud.
[Like I know you personally or something, huh?]

I remember when I 1st saw Destiny's Child "NoNoNo" on CaliforniaMusicChannel during my 8th grade year.
I recorded the video & watched it over & over
[even learned the dance routine ;)]. The next day, I remember asking all my wack ass friends had they heard the new joint & of course, they hadnt...

But a few weeks later, all the chicks were walking around waving their fingers in the air singing,
"You be saying NoNoNoNoNo, when its really YesYesYesYesYes" to all the lonely looking dudes.
I also decided to take a trip down memory lane & throw in one of my favorite joints from "Dangerously in Love".

Sending you best wishes, many laughes & good times on your birthday. XoXo.

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Tresey B. = ] said...

Happy 28th Cakeday to my "Top Notch Biotch" ! Love this chick & let someone badmouth her if they want..all Hell's gonna break loose ! Anywho..once again- Happy 28th Cakeday Mrs. it up to the fullest b/c ya cakeday only comes once a yr! Love ya mamaz!